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I present here my photographs from several amazing trips I took to West Africa. The colorful photos represent images of life of the Dagara, Peul and Gourmantche people in Burkina Faso, and some images are of Dogon settlements in Mali. My intention is to depict the simplicity, vitality and richness of their lives and bring out the beauty and their strength.

My time in Burkina was filled with happiness and joy. I did what I loved doing; singing, dancing, ritual, traveling, sleeping in mud huts and living a very simple life. With that spirit, I took these pictures.

The images are grouped by subject, some are interspersed with music that I recorded in the field and some will have little stories added to them.

The pictures are for sale, click here for information on pricing and print sizes. The ones with me in it are made by Thiombiano Youmandia including one of the Gourmantche wedding pictures. The profits from his pictures go directly to him and will help him further his education.
For more information on the intention of these trips to Africa click here or go to the end of this gallery.
I offer slide shows to schools, churches and other groups that are interested in promoting cultural diversity, that want to hear about the work with Malidoma or just want to hear the stories.