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Deep in the recesses of Mother Earth amongst constant dripping, between massive pillars, a shrine and many flickering flames, three women and a man are in a powerful prayer to the ancestors and the Cave Mother. Their voices rise and fall, becoming deep and resonant, strong and penetrating, bouncing off underground walls and lake and finally swallowed by the deep darkness. Celestial voices weave strands of love, rumbling sounds rise from the bones of the Mother, spirit voices come to life. We have become a vessel for the ancients to come through. The Cave Mother teaches and feeds us. She can hold all of us; nothing is ever too big for her. She gives us permission to fill her completely. We are met in our strength. We listen and give each other space. The process is fluid; it is a journey of discovery that surprises us again and again.

We, Valerianna Claff, Katja Esser, Ana Moffett and Barnett Weiss, are the members of Bonesong. We come together in the Widow Jane Mine in New York State to sing sacred improvisational songs throughout the night. Our songs are spirit guided. We listen to what arises and respond. We search, get lost and find each other. We weave in and out. Sometimes songs seem familiar from some other time. It is a shamanic process and at times we shapeshift. The words are not real or maybe they are some sort of universal language.

What you find here is not a finished studio production. This is an assemblage of one evening in the mine where nature played its own role. Sounds of splashing water progressed into a cricket symphony, then climaxed in pouring rain and an endless rolling thunder. It became part of our process. We emerged renewed. May this work touch you as i t has touched us.

Katja Esser and Valerianna Claff 2004

Music samples from Songjourneys CD

Invitation  (MP3, 1.2MB)

Greeting (MP3, 3.3MB)

Vessel of Love  (MP3, 1.3MB)

Night of the Fireflies (MP3, 1.6MB)

Plea to the Cave Mother (MP3, 1.2MB)

Weaving Strands of Gold (MP3, 1.2MB)

Falling Water (MP3, 1.2MB)